2:10 PM

Zack Porter (family photo)

A sixteen year-old boy, B.S., is being questioned by authorities about his alleged involvement in Saturday's triple homicide in Laclede County this afternoon.

Sheriff Richard Wrinkle says that cops were planning on taking the boy into custody at his school, but his parents caught wind of that plan and brought him into the Springfield police department this morning.

That same relative transported the kid to the Laclede County sheriff's office where the boy has been since about 12:45 p.m. (10-12-09.)

Jacky Wong, 21, and Steven Pyykola, 18, have each been charged with three counts of first-degree murder, burglary and armed criminal action in the shooting deaths of Zack Porter and Jeffry and Glenda Smith.

Josh Reyes, 23, the exboyfriend of Miranda Smith and father of her children, has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, burglary and armed criminal action in the case.

Investigators believe that Smiths parents were killed first in Phillipsburg and Porter, Smiths current boyfriend, was shot shortly after the first killings.

It appears that the suspects were also allegedly conspiring to kill Miranda Smiths grandparents but one of the guns jammed.

Wrinkle says that there is some sort of connection between Reyes and Wong, but he would not elaborate on the connection. He says the two younger boys have some sort of connection as well. "I don't know how they all got together, but it's a bad deal," the sheriff said.

The sixteen year-old will be placed in juvenile custody when investigators finish questioning him.

If the boy is charged with first degree murder he will have to be certified as an adult to stand trial in the deaths of Porter, and the Smiths.

Jealousy appears to be the motive according to Wrinkle, "she hurt him, so he was going to hurt everyone she loved."

All of the suspects, who are from Springfield, are expected to be arraigned in associate circuit court tomorrow.

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