Jacky Wong (mug shot LCSO)

A young man from Springfield pleaded guilty to amended charges of second-degree murder for a heinous triple murder in the fall 2009 that stunned southwest Missouri.

Jacky Wong, 23, of Springfield, was originally charged with first-degree murder for the October 2009 deaths of Jeff and Glenda Smith and Zack Porter in Laclede County.

Jeffry and Glenda Smith (facebook)

Joshua Antonio Reyes, 25, was the ringleader in the triple murders of his former girlfriend Miranda Smith's 51 year-old father and 48 year-old stepmother and her boyfriend at the time, 25 year-old Porter.  According to court records, there were supposed to be additional victims but the perps got lost trying to find their houses.

Zack Porter (family photo)

Reyes pleaded guilty to three counts of murder in May of 2010 and was sentenced to life without the possibility parole. 

Josh Reyes (l); Steven Pyykola (m) and Jacky Wong
At the time of the murders, Laclede County Sheriff Richard Wrinkle said the motive was robbery and, "Jealousy......she took everything he loved away from him (Reyes), so he was going to take everything she loved away from her."

Benjamin Stidham (mug shot LCSO)

Two other young men still face charges connected to the Smith - Porter murders.  Benjamin Stidham, 19, of Springfield, is scheduled to stand trial in Camden County in December and Steven Pyykola', 20, also of Springfield, case is set for trial in September of 2012 in Morgan County where the case was moved on a change of venue.

Wong faces from 10 years to life in prison (which is 30 years in Missouri) when he is sentenced on December 5th.  The only sentence for a first-degree murder conviction in Missouri is life without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. is scheduled to be sentenced December 5th in Laclede County.


Anonymous said...

I was in jail with jacky.. he seemed like a good kid.. was in college had a girl he was getting. Married to. But he did have a role in this case. But personally I don't think it was intentional. Reeyes used jacky and the other 2 boys

Anonymous said...

That's the most ignorant thing that could be said. Not intentional? How else do you go into someone else's home and kill 3 people. It was intentional and he should be hung. The innocence of her just not wanting to be with this psycho and wanting to be with someone else was obviously a good decision on her part yet sadly a bad one for reasons she couldn't control. I bet his parents are proud. Poor family, and disgusting animal.