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Jacky Wong, 21, mugshot

Two more people have been arrested in connection to yesterdays triple homicide investigation in Laclede County.

Steven Pyykola, 18, mug shot

Steven Pyykola, 18 and Jacky Wong, 21,; have all been charged with three counts each of first-degree murder, armed criminal action and burglary in connection to the deaths of Zack Porter of Elkland and Jeffry and Glenda Smith of Phillipsburg.

Joshua Antonio Reyes has only been charged with one count of each of the charges....but additional murder charges are expected to be filed against him.

Porter, who had aspirations of becoming a professional wrestler, was the father of two little boys.

Zack Porter and his sons (family photo)

Josh Reyes and Miranda Smith have two little boys were are two and three years-old. They allegedly witnessed there father gun down Porter.

All three suspects are from Springfield.

Deputies were called to Miranda Smiths apartment on Tower Road a little after midnight Saturday (10-10-09) for a reported shooting. When first responders arrived they found Porter with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was transported to St. John's hospital in Lebanon where he was pronounced dead.

While cops were trying to gather information at that crime scene Smith told authorities that she couldn't reach her father and step-mother and she was concerned about them. A nephew of fifty one year-old Jeffry Smith and forty eight year-old Glenda Smith found them covered in blood on their living room floor in nearby Phillpsburg about 12:30 a.m.

Wrinkle says that an investigator from the Springfield Police Departments Criminal Investigation Unit was assigned to help investigators with the Laclede County sheriff's department and police officers from Lebanon in gathering information about the shootings.

According to the sheriff, the suspects either stole or purchased clothing and two guns that were used in the killing spree. Wrinkle says that those items were disposed of...the clothing was dumped in a trash can and the weapons were thrown in water.

Wrinkle says that the suspects allegedly hatched the murder plot about a week ago and were conspiring to kill other people as well. "I won't name the other people or how many they were targeting," the sheriff said.

"We believe that they tried to throw investigators off by using two guns," Wrinkle said.

The apparent motive for the killings is jealousy according to the sheriff, "she hurt him, so he was going to hurt everyone she loved."

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