There is very little new information available regarding a "school safety issue" involving a fourteen year-old Crane middle school student who threatened to "shoot up the school."

In a letter sent home to parents in the school district, Superintendent Travis Shaw says he was made aware of the situation in a phone call from Crane police chief John Elmore about 1:30 a.m. on December 17th.

In an interview shortly after the incident, Elmore says he was made aware of the situation on the evening of December 16th by authorities in Nixa after a friend of the juvenile male student called 911 and alerted authorities to the boy's disturbing face book posts.

Elmore says the incident report, which The Crane Chronicle has made a Sunshine Request for, should be available next week.

Shaw writes in the letter sent home to parents, "According to the Crane Police Department, the student was having a conversation on Face Book with another individual who lives outside of the Crane area. During this particular conversation several threats were made in reference to students who attend school here. Being alarmed by the comments, the other individual made a 911 call and reported the incident. The Crane Police Department was then notified and responded immediately to the student's house along with the Stone County Sheriff's Department."

"The student and parents were questioned extensively and it was determined at that time the student did not have the resources available to carry out the threats," wrote Shaw. "They also felt there was no reason to believe any other individuals were involved at this time. Because of this information provided by the Crane Police Department it was determined to continue school as normal."

The boy was taken to Lakeland Hospital in Springfield by juvenile authorities for a mental evaluation. "Because threats were made against the school district, discipline policies outlined the the student handbook will be enforced for this student," said Shaw.

Shaw says, "There's a wide range of punishment with regard to school threats....from a conference with the school principal to expulsion for the student."
The investigation into the incident by the Crane police department and the Stone County sheriff's office continues, according to Elmore.