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David A. Williams

The man who police say started a house fire that killed three children on Monday wants to be let out of jail to attend their funerals.

David Alan Williams, 26, Springfield, was formally arraigned on first-degree arson with injury or death charges this morning via video link from the Greene County jail. Williams pleaded not guilty to the charges, then asked Judge Mark Powell to either lower his $250,000 bond, or let him out of lockup long enough to attend the funerals of his fiances children.

Williams told Judge Powell that he had been released on bond before and had never run---Powell told Williams that he needs to consult with his attorney before he would rule on the matter.

Williams attorney, Andy Hosmer, is scheduled to address those motions tomorrow morning (03-19-10) at 8:30 a.m.

Alexis M. Watson, 7, and Devin L. Watson, 4, died Monday morning at St. John's hospital. Terry Watson Sr., remains in a burn unit there. Kelsey Watson died Monday evening after doctors declared her brain dead and her mother had to make the excruciating decision to remove her from life support.

The children's mother, Violet Watson, says in a raw interview that she does not believe that the man she loves had any involvement in the fire that claimed their lives. She says Williams was the best father they ever knew.

Funeral services for the Watson children are scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday at Klinger-Cope funeral home in Springfield. Terrie Watson Sr.'s condition has been upgraded to serious. He remains hospitalized in the burn unit at St. John's.


Kris in KC said...

I guess nevermind what I just sent.
I see that you addressed the
criminal history of David A.
Williams in a previous entry.

Chelsea said...

Great reporting!

I pray they don't let him out of jail. He knows he's going for a long time, it's the perfect opportunity to run.

He didn't care about those kids, and showed it when he set their damn house on fire. He's a registered sex offender who should've been beat to bloody right there in front of that house that those children were burning in.

I have sympathy for the mother, in the sense that she just lost 3 children, but at the same time, that woman was an idiot for allowing a registered sex offender to live in her house with her 3 children. It's what she gets for taking a chance on a criminal.

God rest the souls of those poor children, who died in such a tragic way. I can only pray that they didn't suffer.

And God be with their Grandfather, because I'm sure he's in more pain then anyone can imagine. If it were my Grandfather, he'd be beating me up one side and down the other for bringing such a dangerous man around my children & putting them in harms way.

Sophie said...

This whole story is hinky. First, there appears to be no physical evidence to indicate that David Williams ever entered the house to rescue anyone. Violet Watson has to be aware of that - therefore she is covering for her man. Neither does evidence indicate that Watson ever try to save her children.

As to Terrie Watson, I think it's unlikely he was ever upstairs, because it would make no sense that he would go past the children and downstairs to alert Violet and David, then try to go back up to get the kids out. It makes even less sense that he would alert the adults first, when the fire began downstairs near where Violet and David were allegedly sleeping. What I think will be shown is that the fire started while Terrie Watson was in the bathroom.

My opinion is that David Williams started the fire, and that Violet Watson is in collusion with her fiancee. A witness stated that David and Violet asked to make a convenience store stop before going to the hospital - why would anyone do that unless there was no concern for the victims? Add to that the accelerant on David, the complete lack of soot and smoke on David, and Violet's affect in her interviews (see Darlie Routier, Susan Smith and Casey Anthony for similar examples), and we have a picture that looks a lot like premeditated murder.

Those poor babies. I hope Terrie Watson recovers enough to shed some light on this horrific crime.