Rex Eugene Peck

US Marshals led Southern Missouri Fugitive Task have arrested a man who has been on the run from the law for the last 10 years.

Rex Eugene Peck was arrested about 8:15 a.m. March 18th outside of McDonalds at Johnston and Kearney in North Springfield. Peck has been wanted for escape from electronic confinement since August 4, 2000, by Missouri Department of Corrections.

Peck assumed the identity of an old friend, Jack Gruber, who is now deceased, using his social security card and California Drivers License to hide out for the past ten years. He had been paroled on May 25, 2000, by the Missouri Department of Corrections while serving a sentence for two counts of burglary, one from Greene County and one from Miller County.

Peck has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1950 including 30 or more arrests, and has served time in both federal and state correctional facilities for burglary and conspiracy to commit bank robbery.

The man had just ordered breakfast and was walking back to his car when he was stopped and arrested. Peck initially provided deputies with false identification when asked who he was, but admitted his true identity when confronted.

Rex Eugene Peck is being held in the Greene County Jail awaiting transfer to Missouri Department of Corrections.