2:30 PM

Kristi Stephens has served four terms as Stone County Treasurer.

Stephens says Stone County is unique among other third class counties because of the sales tax dollars the county generates.

"A lot of counties don't deal with Neighborhood Improvement Districts of Tax Increment Financing like we do.  We're kind of a unique third class county because of the sales tax from tourism we generate."

Stephens, who served as President of the Missouri County Treasurers Association in 2012 and 2013, grew up in Ozark and moved to Stone County when she married her husband Shannon 21 years ago.  They have two children.

"I used to love handling the diversified investments of the county but with interest rates and the depository agreements we've had lately and the fluctuation of interest rates we haven't been able to do much of that lately."

"We've streamlined a lot by paying bills and accepting payments for bills online," said Stephens.  "That saves taxpayers money by letting the county hold on to interest money till the very last second."

About ten years ago Stephens' office began using direct deposit for employees payroll.  "One of the biggest misconceptions about my office is that we are the ones who produce the checks.  What we do is verify that the money is in the bank to cover the check."

"I love the service aspect of my job," said Stephens.  "I've worked here for half my life and want to continue serving the citizens of Stone County."