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James Wilburn Ischy (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Lampe has been charged with several felonies for allegedly shooting his sister's car while he was drunk last month.
Authorities say Jim Wilburn Ischy, 24, of Lampe, was arrested in late December after he told his sister he was going to take his own life.  Shortly after that, the woman told police that she heard several gunshots and went outside to check on Ischy and found that he had fired two rounds into her vehicle, which caused extensive damage, according to court records.
Ischy allegedly told his sister, "with the shotgun in hand if she called the cops he would kill her and the whole family."
After Deputy Taylor Jenkins made contact with Ischy, he took the officer to where he had hidden the shout gun, which had been altered to have a two inch barrel. 
"Jim informed me that he had sawed off the barrel to the firearm himself,” Jenkins writes in court documents.
Ischy’s blood alcohol concentration was .119, according to police documents.
Ischy, who is facing charges of unlawful use of a weapon, tampering with a motor vehicle and unlawful possession transport, manufacture, repair or sale of an illegal weapon, is being held in Stone County Jail in lieu $50,000 bond.
He is due back in court on January 21st.