4:08 PM

Milton High (mug shot SCSO)

After two hours of deliberations a Stone County jury convicted a man from Arkansas on two counts of possessing chemicals commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Authorities in Branson West were alerted that Milton R. High, 32, of Green Forest Arkansas, had purchased Sudafed from Wal Mart on Feburary 16, 2012.  High was on watch list maintained by then chief of police Doug Rader because of his frequent history of buying the drug that is used to manufacture meth.

When police searched his vehicle, they also found acetone and drain cleaners which are precursors to make the drug.  The acetone and drain cleaner, along with razor blades were purchased in Arkansas before High came to Branson West to purchase the Sudafed and coffee filters, 
which are also used in the meth making process, according to evidence submitted at the trial.

Stone County assistant prosecutor Dayrell Scrivner told the jury that the only components missing to make it a complete meth lab were lithium from batteries and a substance that is extracted from cold packs.

Defense attorney John Lewright maintained that is client suffered from chronic sinus problems and that the household chemicals were to be used on a drain problem at High's home and for his work. 

The jury recommended that High, who has no previous criminal convictions, be sentenced to six months in the Stone County jail.

Judge Jack Goodman will formally sentence High in March.