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(courtesy KY3)

Two people were arrested Friday evening in connection to a drive by shooting on the parking lot of Price Cutter in Aurora.
Police chief Rick Witthuhn says Johnny Ferguson and Kelsey Gunter were walking across the parking lot with their purchases when Luke Aaron Scammell, 18, allegedly fired five .40 caliber rounds at them. Ferguson was hit in the abdomen and Gunter was shot in the side.  A nearby business that had several customers in it and a parked vehicle were also hit by bullets, according to the chief.
Luke Scammell and Raven Thornton

"Both were through and through wounds," said Witthuhn.  Both victims were transported to a Springfield hospital with non-life threatening wounds.
According to court documents, Scammell, and the alleged driver of the vehicle, Raven Nicole Thornton, 30, both of Aurora, have been charged with two counts of first degree assault, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon charges.
The victims and the alleged perpetrators have some sort of history together, according to court records.