Marc Reel (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Crane was sentenced to seven years in prison after he pleaded guilty to assaulting another man last year.

In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors dropped another assault and armed criminal action charges against Marcus Brent Reel.

On September 14, 2012, Reel, pointed a gun at Phillip Campbell and pulled the trigger....only to hear a click.  When the gun failed to fire, Reel assaulted Campbell with a hunting knife and nearly severed one of the his fingers in the attack. He also attempted to slice the mans throat, according to court documents.   Campbell has since had to have the finger amputated.

Stone County prosecutor Matt Selby says as the case approached trial Campbell told him he wasn't entirely truthful in the account he gave of the assault. 
Reel's attorney, Dale Wiley, says he's very pleased with the outcome and he believes Reel will be released from prison before Christmas as he spent a year in the county jail while awaiting trial.


Anonymous said...

nice. he will be out and actually kill someone next time. way to go stone county!!! (much sarcasm) he has assaulted several people over the years. leaving one to die in a ditch and actually broke into anothers house and assaulted him. he is a loser that needs put away forever!!! he will probably get time served and be out in no time. which should make all the residents feel real safe!!!