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A man who was threw gasoline on a Stone County deputy and tried to light him on fire earlier this year is facing additional charges for allegedly slicing another inmate in the county jail with a razor.

Court documents say Joey Plunkett, 44, cut Stevie Hamilton several times while Hamilton was shaving.  Hamilton told jailers that "Plunkett came up behind me and started cutting me."

Plunkett, who has been jailed since he was arrested last January, is scheduled to stand trial for assault of a law enforcement officer next February.


Anonymous said...

Polly graph for son? Bluff start gathering DNA from known suspects actions will show

Anonymous said...

Springfield 3

Anonymous said...

I am confused about above comments ?!?!

Kathee Baird said...

Me too. I think they posted to the wrong story. They should have gone to the Three Missing Women stories.