Gerald Callahan (mug shot SCSO)

Stealing charges have been filed against two men in connection to a series of thefts from a car wash on Courtney Lane in Crane.

According to court records, the manager of the business, Misti Callahan, approached a Crane police officer and wanted to file stealing charges against Franklin Ames, and another man who has not yet been charged, who were seen stealing quarters out of a money bin at the business.

During the course of the investigation, Ames allegedly told investigators that Callahan's son, Gerald Edward Callahan, 23, sometimes left coin bins open for the men and would split the proceeds with them.

Gearld Callahan told investigators that he had "stolen the keys from his mother before to open the change bins," and that he learned how to pick the locks "so he can open the change machines when he wants."

Callahan stated that he stole as much as $80.00 at one time and as little as a couple of bucks at other times.  He also stated that he "only steals from his mom" and he used some of the money to buy marijuana.

Both men are being held in the Stone County jail on $15,000 bond each.  


Anonymous said...

$15,000 bond for stealing 80 bucks, yet there are far worse offenders getting way less bond and being able to bond out in no time, that is what is wrong with our justice system my friends.