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Teresa Jane Pickering (mug shot Marion County Iowa Sheriff)

An arraignment date has been set for a woman who allegedly phoned in a bomb threat to 9-1-1 dispatchers in Stone County earlier this month.

Court records say that Teresa Jane Pickering, 50, who was arrested in Marion County, Iowa, made numerous calls to authorities saying she "was gonna blow it all up."  Pickering told emergency dispatchers "it" was at Galena City Hall and the courthouse. 

Investigators tracked the calls to a Tracfone that was purchased at a Walmart store in Branson West about 20 minutes before the first bomb threat was made.

County officials made the decision to close all county offices, including the court system, for the safety of employees and the public.

Pickering is scheduled to be arraigned in Associate Circuit Court on June 25th.


Anonymous said...

This is a completely innocent woman. who ever actually did this will PAY