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There are options for people who have suffered personal injury whether that injury happened on the job, in a car accident or at a business.

However, a negligent act alone does not automatically mean there is a personal injury. In a personal injury case you must prove there was an injury and attorney's that deal with personal injury within the Inland Empire can held determine if your injury was caused by negligent act. 

A medical doctor will have to treat you and consult with your attorneys to provide the basis of a claim.  But be aware that the insurance company for the individual or business that you are fighting will have their own experts to counter your claim.

For example, if you're involved in a car accident and have had previous issues with back pain, the insurance company will try to prove that you're pre-existing condition exasperated the injury. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows what questions to ask in helping you determine the validity of a person injury lawsuit.

  • Is it clear that the other party was negligent?

  • Did you contribute to the accident or injuries in any way – such as not wearing a seat belt?

  • Was there significant damage to the car?

  • Did you seek early medical attention?

  • Did you follow your health provider's instructions on medical care?

  • Do your health providers think your injuries are caused by the accident?

  • Have your medical problems resolved or are they long-term, or even lifetime injuries?

  • If your injuries are resolved, how long did it take?

  • Did the injuries cause problems in other parts of your life?

  • Will the injuries keep you from doing activities that you did before the accident?

  • Have the injuries kept you from working?

  • Will you lose work or job opportunities in the future because of the injuries?

  • How much money will you lose from work from the injuries?

  • Have you had to hire other people to do things you did on your own because of the injuries?

  • Have you had to pay a deductible or rental car expenses from the accident?

  • How much are your medical bills?

  • How much will medical care in the future cost to treat your injuries?

  • How much insurance is available to cover your injuries?

  • Most people want to know how long it will take before a case is settled or goes to court. 
    In some cases insurance companies come to a quick settlement with lawyers seeking relief on behalf of their client.  In other cases it could take years before a case goes before a judge or jury due to a shortage of judges on the benches and an overloaded court system.

    Attorney's that specialize in work injury within the Inland Empire will push for your case to be heard in court or battle with lawyers hired by negligent parties to obtain a resolution in your case.


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