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Teresa Jane Pickering (mug shot Marion County Iowa Sheriff)

Authorities arrested a woman they believe was responsible for an alleged bomb threat that shut down county offices and several business on the square last week in Galena.

According to court documents, Teresa Jane Pickering, 50, who was arrested in Iowa, called 9-1-1 numerous times beginning at 8:41 a.m. on April 10th.  She told dispatchers that she was in a red pickup truck with her boyfriend, Tommy Ramirez, at a gas station between Galena and Crane and he had "done something really stupid."

Tracking software put the caller in the vicinity of Holts Woods Road and Missouri 13.  According to the probable cause statement, "Teresa stated to the 911 dispatcher that 'it' was at the courthouse and city hall downtown and her boyfriend was really pi**ed off and he had done something really stupid.  Teresa also stated that her boyfriend was there last night and he had some stuff in his car."

In another call an unidentified woman is heard yelling, "You stupid fu***ing bi**h, did you tell them....I'm gonna blow it all up." The last call was received at 8:45 a.m. - the caller stated, "He says he's gonna blow up the courthouse in the square."


County officials made the decision to evacuate the courthouse and all county offices located on the square after the bomb threats were received.  Employees were sent home for the day so  and  After the bomb threat was received, Stone County officials evacuated the courthouse and sent employees home for the rest of the day, canceling scheduled court hearings and other county business. No bomb was found after an extensive search.

Investigators tracked the calls to a Tracfone that was bought at a Walmart store in Branson at 8:22 a.m. - about 20 minutes before the first bomb threat was made. . Court documents say, "A female resembling Teresa Pickering arrived in a two door passenger car and entered the store alone."

"The Tracfone was turned off after the last 911 call and remained off for the next 48 hours.  Teresa Pickering has not contacted Central Dispatch with any additional information since the initial calls on 04-10-2013," according to the probable cause statement.

Judge Alan Blankenship lifted the arrest warrant for Pickering and ordered her to appear in court at a later date, according to Prosecutor Matt Selby.

If Pickering is convicted of the terroristic threatening charge, she could be sentenced to four years in prison.


Anonymous said...

So was the part about the boyfriend false? If not is there a warrant for him?

Anonymous said...

Remember we are innocent until proven guilty. Just because someone is arrested, that doesn't mean they are guilty of a crime. That is why we have courts to engage in fact finding. It doesn't take much to find probable cause, but one must be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is an example right here of how our legal system is frequently abused and ruins people's lives.

Kathee Baird said...

All I can do is report on what is in the probable cause statement.

I also reported on the charges being dismissed. I'm not sure if anyone else did.