Dillon Scott Carpenter (mug shot LCSO)

A teenager who was charged with raping a 17 year-old girl last week at a house in Marionville is facing additional sex charges for another offense.

In the previous charges filed against Dillon Scott Carpenter, of Aurora, authorities allege he took advantage of a girl who was inebriated, the new charges make the same allegations.  The new charges accuse him of sexual misconduct with a child under the age of 15.

The girl in the latest case told investigators she was at a party in Marionville sometime between Valentine's Day and Easter and she had been given alcohol and "some weed."  The girl told investigators she was "not in her right mind" when she got into Carpenter's, [who she barely knew,] parked car.

The girl, whose age is redacted in court documents, said when she and Carpenter got in the back seat he started touching and kissing her "in private areas" and attempted to take her clothes off but she pushed him away  

She told investigators that when she woke up the next day she "was really sore" and had to sit back down.  When she asked a friend what happened, she was told she "had sex with Dillon in his car." 

The girl told authorities that a caseworker contacted her after she had heard of the alleged rape of the other girl at a Marionville party and asked her to go to the Lawrence County Sheriff's website to see if it was the same person who had sexually abused her.  After viewing Carpenter's mug shot she said it was.

She said she didn't tell her dad at first because she was afraid he "would be upset and she did not want him to do anything to get in trouble."

In the alleged rape case a girl told authorities that she was drunk when Carpenter and another boy, a 15 year-old identified as H. K. in court documents, raped her at a party in Marionville earlier this month.  They boys allegedly kept the girl's underwear after the rape, according to the probable cause statement.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Don Trotter says he will ask that the 15 year-old boy be certified as and adult to stand trial.

Carpenter, who, if convicted, could get up to four years in prison on the sexual misconduct charge and up to life in prison on the rape charge, was released from jail after posting $25,000 bond.  Part of the bond conditions are that he is under house arrest and must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

His preliminary hearing on the rape charge has been set for May 31st.


Anonymous said...

Where did all the comments go?

Kathee Baird said...

This is on the new charge. The other story on Carpenter is further down.


Anonymous said...

Do u think this girl is telling the truth maybe the blogger from the previous story can tell us they seem to have all the details. Is this girl from a good family also?

Anonymous said...

She is from a good family. I know the family. But sadly I know some others that were there also ( her friends included) and they say it didn't happen as she says. And the next day even went and hung out with one of her alleged attackers. She did have too much to drink that night and lost her phone. Her parents would never go for her being somewhere especially a party without them knowing. So to stay out of trouble and to keep from getting a bad reputation she lied to them and it escalated from there. Its a bad situation for all involved and the underage drinking needs to ba addessed. Because this one night has ruined several lives. Oh and yes she had bruises but not from being held down. She played in a powder puff football game that day.

Anonymous said...

Wrong story this is his second rape charge

Anonymous said...

Check your dates before you make stuff up it is more believable

Anonymous said...

Believe with your eyes not your ears, the people who told you this were not there, the powder puff game was days before this and the bruises were not there after it. The girl was not with the guys after she was with me.

Anonymous said...

So you are telling me she was not hanging with one of them after the "alleged" rape. You better think real hard about that before you answer. And as long as we are believing with our eyes....I know for a fact that she was walking around with no clothes on and definetly not like she had been attacked. And it wasn't because 'her panties were taken for a trophy' because she still had jeans or has the story changed to they stole them too?

Anonymous said...

Where's your proof. Give me proof. You don't have any because you weren't there. There was two witnesses both have been interviewed, this was never told to the police hm wonder why oh yeah because its not true. I done with you and your stupidy bye bye

Anonymous said...

The is stupid I'm sick of people talking down on the under age girl. People need to get thier facts straight before they start telling a story. She did tell her dad what happended. Yeah she shouldn't have been drinking but she's a teen. I know she's not lying. The reason why she didn't tell for awhile because she was in denile she has to live with what he did to her for the rest of her life. He is 17 he knew better he took advantage of the girl.She is my best friend I know what happened. You have no right to post such a rude post about the teenage girl!!!!!! Think of how mean and rude people are to her because they she think she's lying. You people don't know what happened you was not there!! You think you may know a person untill they ruin someone's life.D.c