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Richard Bumbery (mug shot SCSO)

The case of a man charged with burning down the business of his former employer will now be heard in Lawrence County.

Authorities say Richard S. Bumbery, 47, is responsible for the 2010 blaze at Bolivar Insulation that caused over a million dollars worth of damage to the business near Branson West.

Firefighters dispatched to the blaze at 5:28 a.m. on December 12, 2010, were hampered by brutal winds winds and frigid temperatures as they fought the early morning fire. At one point, the fire was so intense firefighters closed part of Highway OO while they fought the blaze for nearly seven hours.

Prosecutor Matt Selby says Bumbery allegedly admitted to sparking the blaze and said he wanted to do even more damage to the business.

Sheriff Richard Hill says investigator's were led to Bumbery after a tipster called the C.O.M.E.T Drug Task Force. The tipster described in detail how Bumbery allegedly started the fire and told them they would find a tool stolen from the business in the mans living room.

Bumbery was arrested on December 15, 2010, when Stone County deputies assisted by the Highway Patrol, executed a search warrant at 51 Sparrow Lane in Galena.  Charges against Bumbery were dismissed in May of 2011 so investigator's could continue to gather evidence.  Arson charges were refiled against Bumbery in June of this year.

If Bumbery, who is now living in Arizona, is convicted of first-degree arson he could face a prison sentence of five to fifteen years.
Bumbery's attorney, Nancy Price, asked for the change of venue last month.  The next hearing for the case is scheduled for March 13, 2013.