3:56 PM

Former YMCA camp counselor and radio personality Matthew James O'Dell is facing some new federal sex charges involving children.

Federal prosecutors announced today that a grand jury has returned a two-count superseding indictment against the twenty six year-old man for sexual exploitation of a minor and possession of kiddie porn.

This replaces the original grand jury indictment, which was handed up by a federal grand jury on September 15, 2009.

The new federal charges allege that between January 1, 2005 and May 30, 2006, O'Dell, with the help of another person, used a minor to make sexually explicit child pornography. He's also accused of possessing child porn on August 4, 2009.

Authorities began investigating O'Dell after a teen aged boy said that he tried to sexually assault him in a Springfield motel room.

Investigators say that O'Dell allegedly set up a fake MySpace profile and posed as a girl named Hannah. He used that ruse to lure the boy to Camp Wokanda where Hannah was supposed to meet them.

Once the boy got to the camp O'Dell told the him that he was Hannahs cousin and that she wouldn't be able to meet them at the camp. He then convinced the boy to go with him to a motel to "meet Hannah."

The boy told cops that while they were at the motel O'Dell allegedly fondled him and attempted to have anal sex with him. At some point during the night the boy was able to look at O'Dells phone and realized that he was posing as Hannah and bolted from the room.

Just last week O'Dell was in court in Greene County for his preliminary hearing on state charges of statutory sodomy with a child. Prosecutor Jill Geary Patterson was in the process of filing a motion to ask the court for a contiuance so that investigators could finish conducting interviews with other potential victims when O'Dells attorney waived the hearing.

Patterson says that investigators have fielded hundreds of phone calls about O'Dell and conducted numerous interviews with potential victims.

Since O'Dells attorney, Nancy Graven Price, waived her clients right to a preliminary hearing, O'Dell was automatically bound over for trial at that time.

Prosecutors will now have to decide if they want to let the original charge stand, or dismiss it and re-file additional charges against him.

O'Dell, who is in federal custody, is due scheduled to appear in courtrooms on the state and federal charges on October 16, 2009.