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Corey Poelzl (mug shot SCSO)

Two members of the same family were jailed within days of each other for domestic violence.

Court documents say Corey William Poelzl, 17, got into a verbal argument with his father on September 6th and kicked the back door of its hinges.  When the teen returned to the house he allegedly attempted to hit his dad with a medical crutch.

Two days later the teens father, David Keith Poelzl, 46, allegedly hit his wife in the face and shoved her, causing her to fall.  According to the probable cause statement, Poelzl attempted to hit the woman with a baseball bat.  Two minor children in the home told authorities that their father "had grabbed them by the throat" and threw one of them across the room.

David Poelzl (mug shot SCSO)

When authorities were at Poelzl's house at 146 Reuben Lane in Reeds Spring they allegedly found a marijuana plant growing on the back porch and a pipe used to smoke the drug.  The elder Poelzl told authorities he had smoked methamphetamine in front of the kids a few days earlier.

Corey Poelzl is being  held on $2,500 bond.  David Poelzl is being held on $25,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

I wonder where the son learned his behavior from.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the son learned his behavior from...

Anonymous said...

feel sorry for the kids.....

Anonymous said...

What can be done to educate the kids as to the real dangers of meth? Solve that problem and we will have solved a great deal more.