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Jack Van Matre (mug shot GCSO)

A former Springfield police officer already facing criminal charges in Greene County is back behind bars, this time on federal charges.

Prosecutors in Greene County charged Jack Van Matre two weeks ago with invasion of privacy for allegedly using hidden cameras to spy on a 14 year-old girl who was living in his home.  He was arrested at his wedding reception and quickly posted $20,000 bond and was released.

According to federal court records, Van Matre was charged with sexual exploitation of a child on Thursday (10-20).  The complaint also says investigators are looking at prior allegations of sexual assault against three minor children.

According to search warrant returns in the state case, authorities returned to Van Matre's to look for additional hidden cameras, specifically one behind a mirror. According to those records, authorities discovered the alleged existence of the additional camera while watching Van Matre install it on video evidence already seized as evidence.

The accompanying affidavit accuses Van Matre of producing child pornography.

After Van Matre retired from the police force in 2006, he opened a boudoir photography business in downtown called, "Behind The Red Door," and now has a website as a wedding photographer.

According to a jailer, Van Matre, who is being is being held away from other prisoner's for his safety, is being held without bond in the Greene County jail for the FBI.   

UPDATE 11-02-12:

Van Matre was sentenced to 19 years and seven months in federal prison.  Federal proseuctors say that during the course of their investigation the discovered that Van Matre "had been the subject of two separate investigations for sexually assaulting three prepubescent foster children over the course of six years."


C.W. said...

About Springfield Cop Spying On Teen:
The most thorough report I've seen on this guy. Nice work Kathee. It is odd that his wife was concerned about his well being, when he (allegedly) was committing crimes against her daughters. Smart move for her daughter to contact her biological father.
Keep up the good work Ms. Baird!