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Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase says a custody dispute is what allegedly led to the murder of a man from Wright County on Friday September 10th at a roadside park on Hwy 5 between Mansfield and Ava.

April D. Quick, 32, and Aimee L. Herring, 29, both of Mountain Home, AR, have been charged with first-degree murder, robbery and armed criminal action in connection to the shooting and stabbing death of forty two year-old Phillip Taylor.

Court documents reveal that Taylor is the father of three of Quick's children and had not seen them in over a decade. It is alleged that Quick agreed to meet Taylor at the roadside park to discuss a visitation schedule and he was ambushed. The robbery charge stem from the women allegedly taking Taylor's cell phone after he was murdered.

Only one of the women will be extradited back to Missouri as there is no way to keep the women segregated in the Douglas County jail.

The Baxter County Sheriff's Office and Mountain Home Police Department assisted the Highway Patrol and Douglas County authorities in the investigation.


Brittany Moore said...

this is about the killing in missouri i just cant believe tht she would do tht to my uncle knowing tht he has famly down here in fl

Anonymous said...

Another murder due to child custody disputes. Wonder why she was so determined not to let the father see his kids. Perhaps he has hurt them in the past? Maybe something will come out in the trials.

Kathee Baird said...

These cases have been through the court system. Each of the women received a fifteen year sentence after they pleaded guilty.


Anonymous said...

These two cold hearted bitches should be EXECUTED just like they did Phillip! I personally knew Phillip and he sure as hell did not deserve to die this way. This WAS PREMEDITATED and they are female so I'm sure they finaggled their way out of the first degree murder charge, YOUR DAY WILL COME BEFORE THE ALMIGHTY GOD AND TRUE JUDGEMENT WILL PREVAIL. Until then, Phillip rest in peace dear friend!

Unknown said...

One of those cold hearted people is my Mom. And yes her day will come one day but judgement will be on her side at the end. The was a good person. She took care of me while my dad was to buissy trying to get high or find any way to get money. I don't know about you but did you know he has taken a needle and thread through the bottom side of my mom's feet? I'm not going to go into detail about this but he is surely not the guy you thought he was on the other side of the mirror. And infect my mom didn't murder him it was her +1 that she brought with her and I can promise even tho she has been though alot with this abusive man she would never have the heart to premeditate the murder of my father.