2:54 PM
Springfield police are investigating a homicide on the west side of the city at 721 South Park Avenue.

Police spokesman Lt. Roger Moore says that police were called by family members about 12:15 this afternoon (06-18-10) after they went to check on Jeff Chambers and S. L., who are both in their forties, after not hearing from the couple for several days.

One of the family members got a key from the landlord of the home and went inside where she found her brother dead from apparent stab wounds....the woman lying near him.

Moore says officers found a deceased male inside the residence and, an injured woman who was sent to the intensive care unit of a local hospital suffering from cuts and possibly being under the influence of drugs/and or alcohol.

At this hour (3:00 p.m.) police are waiting on a search warrant to enter the house to gather additional evidence.

Sources on the scene say that the mother of Chambers was running up and down the street screaming, "She killed him...I knew she was gonna kill him"

Moore says that officers have been called out to the rental property about a dozen times since the beginning of this year. He says he's not sure if all the calls pertain to Chambers & S. L., or other people, since the home is a rental.