11:24 AM
David Spears mug shot

A motions hearing is underway today in Pulaski County for a man accused of raping and murdering 9 year-old Rowan Ford back in 2007.

A motion has been filed to obtain tapes of KY3's coverage of the past few months coverage of Ford's stepfather, David Spears' hearings. A special master appointed by the court has also filed a supplemental report regarding confidential taped phone calls between Spears, Christopher Collings and their attorney's made from within the Barry County jail. Also, a judge will rule at a later date if Spears' alleged taped confession will be allowed to be admitted as evidence at his trial.

Christopher Collings mug shot

Spears and his friend Collings are accused of raping the little girl at Collings trailer in Wheaton. In the probable cause statements filed against Spears and Collings, each of them claimed responsibility for Rowan Fords murder. One of them said that the little girl was killed inside of Collings trailer (b.) the other said that Ford was tied to a fence that held goats outside the trailer and killed there.

Several days after the little girl went missing her body was found in a sinkhole in rural McDonald County on a hunch by a sheriffs deputy on his way to work.

Collings and Spears are due back in court next month for motions hearings pertaining to the special masters report, a telephone survey conducted by Collings defense team and depositions and the taped confession.

Collings trial is scheduled to begin in January of 2011---Spears' in August of 2011.