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Kenny Dean's Christian County mug shot

A former Highway Patrol trooper charged in Stone County last February with domestic assault and felonious restraint for an alleged attack on his wife has been now been charged in Christian County (P/C at link) with kidnapping, burglary and domestic assault for an unrelated incident on June 15th.

Nixa police officer Jon Huff writes in the probable cause statement that Kenny Dean, 32, Highlandville, kidnapped his estranged wife, Tracy, from her home in Nixa about 10:20 p.m.

Tracy Dean told Huff that she saw a green Bravada drive by her residence and went to see if it was Kenny. She told investigators that she watched as Kenny ran up to the door, banged on it and screamed at her. Tracy Dean told Huff she backed up toward the living room with a gun in her hand and told her husband she had an active order of protection out on him.
Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek

Tracy Dean says Kenny was enraged as he charged through the front door. According to the probable cause statement, Tracy Dean "shot at him in fear for her life. She said Kenny then knocked the gun to the floor, took the gun and hit her on the head with it." He then forced her to the pantry while holding the gun to her head and threatened to blow her head off.

Tracy Dean told Huff that her estranged husband, "grabbed her hair and forced her into the
living room. She stated he put the gun back on the counter" before he forcing her into a suburban. A neighbor who lives across the street from Tracy Dean told authorities that he witnessed Kenny Dean force Tracy Dean into the vehicle.

Kenny Dean held Tracy by the hair as he drove toward Hawthorne Road in Highlandville where he allegedly assaulted her again. The Dean's lived on Hawthorne Road until their house burned down in January. Tracy Dean told investigators that Kenny told her he was going to hold her in one of the outbuildings on the property.

While Tracy Dean was being interviewed by Office Huff, Kenny Dean showed up at the police station which "terrified" Tracy Dean. Huff says he asked Dean to wait while he finished the interview.

While waiting for Huff, an employee of Kenny Dean's, Shannon Bailey, showed up at the police department at Dean's request. Huff writes, "I spoke with Bailey. Bailey began to tell me that he had helped Kenny drop off a vehicle at 711 Lantern Ridge. I told Bailey I thought he was being deceptive. Bailey then recanted his above story and said Kenny had called him and
asked him to fabricate the story he had just told me".

Huff then interviewed Kenny Dean who told him, "He received a call from Tracy that she was going to kill herself." Dean says he went over to her house and saw Tracy Dean pointing a gun at herself through the front door. He says he then went inside the house and attempted to get the gun away from his wife when it went off. A bullet was found lodged in the storm door of the residence.

Dean told Huff that, "He hadn't forced Tracy into any vehicle and never assaulted her."

Dean is being held without bond in the Christian County jail. His bond for the Stone County incident was revoked and has now been set at $250,00 cash only.

Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek says, "I am not seeking hindering prosecution charges against Bailey at this time. I think we have the bad guy."

Kenny Dean's preliminary hearing has been set for June 28th in Christian County.