Dale Lee Stanford

The man charged with the abduction and rape of a woman that crossed two state lines last fall is scheduled to stand trial this summer in Boone County, Arkansas.

Prosecutors allege that Dale Lee Stanford, 28, abducted a woman at Wild Bills convenience store in Missouri. The woman had gone inside to prepay for her fuel, after fueling up she got in her vehicle and left. As she was leaving a man rose from her back seat, put a knife to her throat and told her where to drive.

Boon County Sheriff Danny Hickman says that Stanford instructed her to drive into Arkansas and then turn onto Cricket Cutoff Road. He says that Stanford then made her stop and forced into the rear passenger area of the van where, at knife point, he repeatedly raped her for over two hours.

Boone County Sheriff Danny Hickman

Sheriff Hickman says at one point during the attack the woman was, "able to grab the knife and stabbed the man several times in the back." The woman told investigators that Stanford then pushed her out of the vehicle and drove away.

The woman made her way to back to Highway 65 where trooper Billy Martin found her and rendered aid. She was able to give officers some unique identifiers of her attacker....the description of some very distinctive tattoos.

The woman's abandoned vehicle recovered about a mile away from where the assault had take place. Inside the van was some personal information that led cops to Stanford.

Just a few days before the November 6th kidnapping and rape a Taney County deputy gave the alleged rapist a ride from Rigedale to Hollister. That deputy had jotted down Stanford's identification information prior to the ride and he positively identified Stanford from surveillance tape from the convenience store.

Stanford was released from prison in Louisiana last fall and was arrested at the State Line RV Park near Omaha where he had been staying with his brother.

Stanford, who has been charged as an habitual offender, faces rape, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, theft of property, terroristic threatening, use of a prohibited weapon and battery charges in Arkansas. His trial is scheduled to begin there on June 17th.

He was charged in Taney County with kidnapping and armed criminal action.


Anonymous said...

I hope some one shanks that guy in prison while raping him. he has a habit of doing those kinds of things.