Two men have been charged with capital murder for the deaths of two women who went missing eight-months ago from their Bentonville, Arkansas home.

Louise Bishop, 81, and her daughter Christina Johansen-Bishop, 40, were last seen about 5:30 p.m. on June 18, 2009, as they were exiting Sam's Club not far from their home.

The mother and daughter were reported missing by the Louise Bishop's nephew on June 21, 2009, after he went to their house and found it unlocked and the purchases made from Sam's still on the counter.

In July the women's truck was found in the parking lot of a Jane, Missouri strip club with the message "free car just tow away" scrawled across the windshield.

Yesterday (02-16-10) two shallow graves were located on property adjacent to John Johansen, Christina's ex-husband's, property.

Benton County Prosecutor Van Stone filed capital murder charges against Christina Bishop-Johansen's son, Nick Johansen, 18, and Michael Shane Winters, 29.

Nicholas Johansen was arrested a little before 10 a.m. in a vehicle driven by a woman that was attempting to leave 15212 Sugar Creek Road which is just to the east of where the bodies of his mother and grandmother were found.

Authorities revealed yesterday that an inmate from the Benton County jail led authorities to the shallow graves of the two women. Winters is being held on several charges not related to the women's murder in the Benton County jail.

Online information from the Benton County, AR sheriff's office website shows that Michael Shane Winter lists his home address as 15332 Sugar Creek Road.

That property is adjacent (see map above) to the Johansen property at 15226 Sugar Creek Road. However, a news release from the Bentonville police department says that Winters had been living with the Johansen's prior to his arrest in September.

Nick Johansen was charged in November with hindering an apprehension or prosecution in connection to his mom and grandmother's disappearance.

Johansen and Winters are scheduled to appear in court to be formally arraigned on the murder
charges tomorrow (February 18th) at 10:30 a.m.

Police and prosecutors have not released a motive for the murders.