Brian Hayes

By a vote of 4 to 2 the mayor of Nixa was impeached tonight, a direct result of him pleading guilty to drunk driving last week.

Ward 1 Alderman Michael Durbin initially called for the removal of mayor Brian Hayes last June after Christian County prosecutor Ron Cleek charged him with misdemeanor driving while intoxicated.

Hayes was driving home from an outing on the lake when he was pulled over by a city policeman on suspicion of DWI. Once the cop realized whom he had pulled over, and because Hayes as mayor is his direct supervisor, he immediately asked that the Highway Patrol take over the investigation.

Following Hayes' guilty plea last week, Durbin renewed his effort to see that the mayor was removed from office "for specifically violating three of six provisions in the city ordinances which outline the grounds for removal from office . Durbin says the mayor was guilty of culpable negligence or dereliction of duty, willful misconduct in office, and an act inconsistent with official duty or character.

Michael Durbin

Supporting Durbin in the impeachment of Hayes were Ward 3 alderman Kevin Elmer; Ward 2 alderman Steve Tallaksen and Ward 2 alderwoman Barb Stillings. The dissenting votes came from Ward 1 alderman Kyle Vogel and Ward 3 alderman Charles McCorkle.

Durbin says, "Brian devoted a lot of time to our community-- this is not a performance's a reflection of what he did."

Barb Stillings, asthe mayor pro tem, will serve out the last remaining 5 weeks of Hayes' term.

Hayes is running for reelection on April 6, 2010, and will face several challengers in the mayoral race. One of those challengers is Steve Tallaksen, one of the alderman that voted to impeach Hayes.