12:49 PM

The Springfield police department and Greene County prosecutors are investigating the alleged embezzlement of nearly a half-million dollars from Bass Pro Shops in Springfield.

Lt. David Millsap says the owner of The Little Glass Shack inside the sporting goods giants flagship store allegedly doctored receipts that he said the company owed him.

As part of the deal to have the shop inside the store, the owner, Eugene Lee Black, agreed that Bass Pro was entitled to 20% of the sales. Over the last seven years Black allegedly inflated the amount of sales that were reported.

Millsap says that an internal audit was conducted and the misappropriation uncovered. Black was charged this afternoon (02-25-10) with felony theft of $25,000 or more.

According to Millsap, "Say the actual sales might be $395, he'd tell Bass Pro he made $1,395--Bass Pro would take their 20% out of the $1,395 and he would pocket the rest."

The company spokesman for Bass Pro Shops, Larry Whiteley, says "it is an ongoing investigation, and we don't comment on ongoing investigations."