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Lance N. Anderson (mug shot)

A man involved in a shootout with cops following a traffic stop last week in Greene County told his girlfriend and his buddies that he wasn't going to be taken alive.

Lance N. Anderson was wanted by cops after shooting at officers in Bolivar the day before cops stopped a truck he was a passenger in last Tuesday. Bolivar cops have a no chase policy, however, they did put out an APB on their suspect.

Sheriff Jim Arnott said in a news release, that Anderson, 23, who was also wanted on a Christian County warrant, had a handgun in his waistband and fired the gun twice as officers approached the vehicle.

A bullet from the stolen gun Anderson was carrying struck him in the lower abdomen and thigh, according to the report.
Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott

When a Deputy U. S. Marshal and Greene County detective saw Anderson raise the gun, they both fired several rounds from their service weapons at the man, striking him in the chest.

At the same moment the officers fired, Anderson shot himself in the head, according to the news release.

According to witnesses in the truck, they were aware that cops were behind them near East Division Street and Frisco Avenue prior to the stop. When emergency lights were activated, Anderson advised the other occupants to “floor it,” the driver refused and stopped.

Authorities in Greene County have been working with detectives with the Taney County Sheriff's office that took the initial report of the gun theft back on October 26th.

On October 28th a theft was in progress at a different location in Taney County, when the homeowner heard someone breaking into his vehicle about 2 a.m.

The homeowner told authorities he went outside and yelled at the thief, who fired a .40 caliber handgun at him, striking him in the leg.

The homeowners leg was bruised, according to Taney County Sheriff Jimmie Russell. "It just kind of grazed him.....he was lucky," Russell said.

Taney County Sheriff Jimmie Russell

Russell says that Greene County authorities contacted him last Wednesday and confirmed that the serial number found on the gun in Anderson's possession was stolen out of a home in Forsyth.

"At this point we're unable to definitely say that the gun used to shoot the homeowner in our county is the same gun used in Greene County's case. Our case is still under investigation...we will check all the evidence and see what we come up with," Russell said.

It's expected that toxicology and ballistics results won't be back for about two months according to a spokeswoman for the Greene County medical examiners office.

The two law enforcers involved in the shooting will remain on paid administrative leave until the administrative investigation is concluded and presented to the Springfield Police Department for review.

It will then be presented to the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review.