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Dennis Volner (above)

A Douglas County man has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for his part in the murder of his cousin last February.

Dennis Volner pleaded guilty in March of this year to charges of second degree murder and robbery. Those sentences will run concurrently.

In exchange for his testimony against other family members, prosecutors agreed to drop charges of armed criminal action against the man.

In February of last year, Dustin Skaggs' body was found in the trunk of his car at the bottom of a water-filled rock quarry near Phillipsburg in Laclede county.

Benny Volner (above)

Court documents allege that Dennis Volner believed that his estranged wife, Julia Monnahan, was having an affair with his cousin.

Julia Monnahan

Prosecutors say that Dennis Volner; Elivs Volner, Benny Volner and Monnahan hid outside Skaggs' home and waited for him to leave for work about 3 a.m. on February 10, 2008.

Prosecutors say that Monnahan acted like she was having car problems and flagged Skaggs down with a flashlight in a ruse to get him to stop and help her. Once Skaggs stopped to help the woman, he was allegedly ambushed by his family members.

Elvis Volner (above)
Monnahan allegedly told investigators that Elvis Volner slammed a metal pipe into Skaggs' head over twenty times.

It is then alleged that the quartet loaded Skaggs' body into the trunk of his car and rolled it into the quarry.

Benny Volner is scheduled for trial in Texas County on December 14th.

Monnahan was supposed to go on trial this week for her alleged rol in Skaggs' murder, however, her trial date has been re-scheduled for January 5, 2010.

Elvis Volner is scheduled to be in a Douglas County courtroom on December 8th.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know on your post about Dennis Volner. Julia was not Benny's wife, she is married to Dennis. Benny's wife was Crystal. Just thought you would like to correct that! BTW I love your blog!!!

Kathee Baird said...

Thanks You. It's hard to keep them all straight.

Anonymous said...

Benny and Elvis are brothers, Benny's wife Crystal was sleeping around.

Anonymous said...

first of all they were not sleeping together. crystal wanted to piss benny off so she said she was..... dustin did not do nothin to diserve this

Unknown said...

Julia's my mom I was in fourth grade when this happened she wasn't the one sleeping around and they just thought crystal was. They were also making meth in the bathtub they had my little brother bathe in. He lived with them and had to go through surgery on his neck for the cyst in his throat I had to sit there and watch him be hooked up to a breathing tube just to catch his breath. Every time me and my sister went to visit I'd end up sick from all the substances in that bath tub. I don't know who the other persons are commenting on this but you obviously don't know much about what happened so back off