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Nearly three years after shooting his pregnant wife in the forehead an Ozark man has learned his fate for his role in her death.

James White (a.) was charged with second-degree murder for the November 26, 2006 death of his wife, Candice.

However, a jury convicted White of the lesser included offense of voluntary manslaughter back in August.

Today, Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek asked Judge Mark Orr today to sentence White to a 15 year consecutive sentence because he is a prior offender.

Orr granted Cleek's one of the prosecutors requests and sentenced White to a ten year consecutive sentence.

White, who is facing drug trafficking charges out of Kentucky, and who is currently serving a five year federal sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm, will begin serving the sentence for his wife's death in 2012.

Ron Cleek

During the week-long trial in Christian County Cleek painted a picture of a violent man for the jury.

In evidence presented at trial, it was revealed that the night Candice White died was not an isolated incidence of domestic violence for the couple.

Witnesses told the jury that White choked Candi while they were in Talladega, then pulled a gun on her there too.

The couple's son, BW, who is now 7-years-old, said in a deposition that he remembered the night his mom was killed when he was 4 years-old.

He said his mom and dad were arguing and that she had a knife....but had put it down and was attempting to leave with him, but that his father kept yelling at them.

If there is one thing to be thankful for, it is that the little boy was in a truck when his dad shot his mom.

Candi White was 25-years-old and almost five months pregnant when she was killed inside the family's home at 304 South Eighth Street in Ozark.