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Amy Tunnell
A trial date has been set for a Newton County woman accused of killing her infant last March.

Twenty two year-old Amy Tunnell of Fairview is facing first-degree murder charges for the suffocation death of her 3 month-old baby boy Zane.

Prosecutor Jake Skouby says Tunnell gave investigators several inconsistent statements regarding her baby's death.

In one statement she told cops that she woke up sometime on March 1st and found a bruise on the the infants face. She told authorities she didn't touch the baby and went back to bed.

She later changed that statement and told a detective that she had not checked on little Zane that day until she and her husband, Chris, woke up about 11 in the morning and found the baby dead in his crib.

The probable cause statement says that she changed her story one more time when she told Chief Deputy Chris Jennings that at some point she covered her son with a blanket to keep him from crying.

Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland said authorities never found any “bruises” on the child’s face, although they did find it discolored from rigor mortis. An autopsy also found that the little boy was recovering from a broken rib when he died.

Several of Tunnells in-laws later told authorities that Tunnell had allegedly confessed to them that she was responsible for Zanes death.
The charges against Amy Tunnell were dismissed by the prosecutor.

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