8:06 AM
Three more people have been arrested for the truck dragging assault of 24 year-old Christopher Collier last month.

Collier was tied to a truck and dragged 1400 feet on Highway 14 near Lakeway, AR, on August 22 or 23rd. The blood trail from the dragging was about 3 feet long according to authorities.

Marion County Sheriff Roger Vickers said Gregg Bryant, 20, Martin Zobus, 31, and Felisha Besse, 21, all of rural Boone County have been arrested and face charges of criminal attempt to commit capital murder, and first-degree battery.

James Bennett, 19, of Yellville and Nichole Jones, also known as Nichole Murphy, 24, of Lakeway are already facing similar charges connected to the case. They have both bonded out of jail.

Collier’s grandfather, Edwin Boudreau, says that his grandson was lured to a house sometime after midnight, where he was beaten, tied up and dragged behind the truck.

Sheriff Vickers says that deputies became aware of the dragging after Collier was able to get away and make his way to a house on Hwy 14 looking for help.

No one was home at the time, and Collier broke in to the house and took the keys to a truck. He was driving the truck towards a hospital in Yellville when he encountered a vehicle and asked for help. Those people took him to a house on MC 8050, and called 9-1-1.

The 9-1-1 caller said that Collier had been beaten, possibly shot and dragged down the road.

Deputies say that Collier kept repeating that he did not want to go to jail because he was driving a stolen pickup,” Vickers said. According to Vickers, officers learned that Collier had been tied behind a vehicle and dragged about 1,400 feet on Highway 14

Collier was airlifted with critical injuries to the burn unit at St. John’s in Springfield for injuries to his face, hands, feet, and knees from being dragged on the pavement.

Sheriff Vickers says that drugs and/or a possible love triangle could be involved in Collier's assault. Vicker's says that Collier is a low level sex offender and won't discount the possibility that that could have played some sort of role in his attack. "We're not speculating on anything at this point," he says.

Collier was released last week from the hospital last week.

All five suspects are awaiting court dates in Marion County Circuit Court.