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Arkansas State Police are continuing to investigate the murder of a man in Fulton County.

Richard Gordon has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly gunning down Joseph Clifton, 33, during an argument over land. Clifton was found shot to death inside a vehicle near Viola about 7 o'clock last night. Clifton's two year-old child, who was nearby, was not physically harmed.
A court document says that Gordon's wife told investigators that Gordon told her that he went to Clifton's house to "throw tacks in the driveway." In the same document, Gordon told cops he shot Clifton in self-defense and that he didn't call for help for the toddler because he was scared.
A family member says that Clifton had just picked up his little boy, who was still buckled in his car seat, when he was "ambushed" by Gordon.

Gordon is being held in the Izard County jail on one million dollars bond.


Unknown said...

Please don't make it sound like it was over an argument. I am part of the family and know the true story. Joseph was going home with his son and Rick Gordon blocked his driveway, walked up to the truck, and shot Joe 3 times in cold blood. It takes 2 people to argue and this was an ambush. I wish the media would get the correct story before reporting it. It is really upsetting his wife that the news is misrepresenting the facts.

Kathee Baird said...

Hi Leesa,

I was told that by an investigator working the scene. Sorry.

codi said...

hi my name is codi. .this asshole is my great uncle.. idc if he has been declared incaine or whatever.. nobody has the right too shot somebody 3 times!!! even is it was self defence, 3 times is not reasonable.. im really sorry i have too call this guy my uncle,and family. that poor boy now hads too grow up without a father.. he will always remember that.. no child or adult should ever have to see their father get murdered!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!!