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Sam Cobb Jr. (above)
A Raytown man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for sexually abusing his stepsons.

A jury found Samuel E. Cobb Jr., 54, guilty of ten counts of statutory sodomy in the first degree back in July. Today a judge sentenced Cobb to 200 years behind bars.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Robert "Bob" George says that the boys, who were 6 and 8, began living with their mother Sharon Atkeson and Cobb, following the death of their father in 1995.

One of the boys was removed from the house in November, 1997 for physical abuse. The second boy was removed from the home in January 1998.

In addition to sexual abuse, the defendant physically and mentally abused the boys. Cobb once held a rifle to one of the boys head and pulled the trigger. After hearing the gun click Cobb said to the boy...."see I can kill you that easily if you ever tell anyone."

The brothers kept their secret until 2005 . That's when authorities began investigating the youngest brother for sexually abusing a cousin. George says, "when they asked him why he was doing it, he told them that is what he was taught to do."

Sharon Atkeson (a.) was convicted in 2006 of twelve counts of statutory sodomy and two counts of incest for the sexual and physical abuse of her sons. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

George says, "these boys had to face Cobb in court and tell the jury the horrible life they lived while he was living in the home with the boys mother. The psychological, physical and sexual abuse was overwhelming."