4:38 PM
Authorities in Howell County are asking for the publics help with a weekend fire in a vacant garage where a body was found.

A call came into 911 about 7:45 Saturday morning from a driver who wanted to report a structure fire at 4580 County Road 6420, just west of West Plains.

Rural firefighters from Howell County along with the Potersville fire department responded and found a detatached garage next to a vacant house on fire. Sheriff Robbie Crites says that, "after first responders put the blaze out they discovered a body in the garage."

The gender and identity of the body has not yet been determined. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning in Springfield, and Crites says that he "hopes to have a preliminary cause of death tomorrow afternoon."

The investigation is being conducted by the state fire marshal, Howell County Sheriff’s Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Sheriff Crites says that anyone with information about the fire can call the sheriff’s department at 417-256-2544