4:45 PM
On the opening day of firearms deer season two hunters on their way out of the woods found and "plastic tool box type container," off of AA in Laclede County, and the smell that was coming from that container made them uneasy.

After the hunters couldn't pry the top of the container off, they called the cops. Authorities believe that the container was pushed from a vehicle down a steep embankment before a barbed wire fence caught the container.

An inside source says, "that the container was locked and that deputies had to use bolt cutters to get inside." What investigators found inside was startling; "what appears to be a woman's decomposing body surrounded in several hundred pounds of concrete."

After investigators wrapped the container in plastic it took several deputies to lift the container onto a truck for transport to Springfield Mortuary where an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

The Laclede County sheriffs department and the Missouri Highway Patrol are searching databases in Missouri and surrounding states to see if there are any missing persons reports that may help them in determining who this woman is.

If you have any information that can help them call 417-532-2311.