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Sandra Petersen-Chapin-McCullough-Klemp

A change of venue has been granted in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of a man who has been missing for thirteen years.

The trial of Sandra McCullough-Klemp, who was the wife of Gary McCullough when he went missing in May of 1999, and her current husband, Kristopher Klemp, was scheduled to begin on June 25th in Barry County.  However, lawyer's for the Klemp's filed motions for a change of venue on June 13th.

The trial will now be held in Stone County, according to Sandra Klemp's attorney Dale Wiley. 

While it is hard to imagine having one family member vanish, Sandy McCullough-Klemp now has two family members missing.

Lena Chapin missing person report

Her daughter and alleged co-conspirator in McCullough's disappearance, Liehnia (aka Lena,) was reported missing in November of 2008...but not by her mother who had been caring for her missing daughter's son, Colter, since early 2006.

Gary McCullough and Lena Chapin are both missing

When Sandy Klemp refused to file a missing person's report on her daughter in Dent County, Barry County Sheriff Epperly, who had been made aware of the development by family members, took it upon himself to contact Lena's father to make the report.

Sandy told authorities that her daughter ran off to Florida with a new boyfriend. However, Epperly says there has been no activity on her social security number or phone and she has made no attempt to contact her son, whom Sandy and Kris have now adopted.

A new trial date has not been set.


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Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Epperly is covering for Sandy. He was fed to the hogs to get rid of evidence, you want to know the real story put some pressure on the corrupt Barry county sheriff and his dept.

Kathee Baird said...

@ anon 8-24: I guess I'm one of the people that doesn't know that Sheriff Epperly is "covering for Sandy." Why is he?


Anonymous said...

That is Southwest Missouri, a lot of people are related there, follow his younger days, then you'll see why.