11:21 AM

Gary McCullough and Liehnia "Lena" Chapin

One of the defendant's in the wrongful death lawsuit brought forth by the daughter's of Gary McCullough has been released from liability if she testifies truthfully in the case that is scheduled to get underway next month in Stone County, where it was moved on a change of venue.

In a motion to compel hearing last week, Judge Carr Woods made the ruling releasing Jennifer Klemp-Brattin from the lawsuit.

Brattin, was married to Kris Klemp at the time McCullough went missing 13 years ago.

Klemp, had been having an affair with McCullough's wife, Sandra, at the time of McCullough's disappearance.  Within days of her husband vanishing, Sandy McCullough moved Klemp into her Barry County home.  In April of 2000, Sandy McCullough was granted a divorce from Gary McCullough after he failed to show up in court for the divorce proceeding.  A month later she married Kristopher Klemp.

In 2006, McCullough's daughter's filed the wrongful death lawsuit against Sandy McCullough-Klemp, Kristopher Klemp, Jennifer Klemp-Brattin and Sandy's daughter, Liehnia "Lena" Chapin, who was reported missing in 2008.  

Chapin, who allegedly helped her mother clean up the crime scene after the alleged murder of Gary McCullough actually went missing in 2006, but her mother, who had been caring for her son for over two years, did not report her disappearance to authorities.

The case is scheduled to be heard July 15 - 19th.