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The Pulaski County sheriff's office says a local photographer made a "grim discovery" yesterday afternoon when she stumbled upon skeletal remains just south of Dixon.

A search of missing persons in Pulaski County reveals that there are currently four people missing in that county, according to the sheriff's website.  

Michelle "Shelly" Henri-Crossland

Michelle "Shelly" Lyn Henri-Crossland was 25 years-old when she disappeared from her home in Waynesville on January 24, 2001.  He ex-husband reported her missing and at first was unconcerned about her disappearance because he thought she might have been at a hospital for treatment for depression.

Victoria "Torie" D. Graves, 16, vanished on May 4, 2013.

Victoria "Torie" Graves

Stephany Lynn Hewitt, 21, has been missing since June of 2013.  She was last seen in the Waynesville area.

This could possibly be Jessica Lily Powell (facebook)

Jessica Lily Powell was 17 when she disappeared from the Ft. Leonard Wood area on March 21, 2011.  The sheriff's office does not have a picture available for her, but a search of Facebook turned up one result for that name.  The last activity on that account was posted in January of 2010.

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And then there is Liehnia "Lena" May Chapin, who was 20 years-old went missing from Steelville, which is in neighboring Crawford County, in February of 2006.   Chapin, allegedly helped her mother, Sandy McCullough, clean up the murder of her stepfather, Gary McCullough in 1999.  

She disappeared after telling several sources that she was going to go to authorities with information about McCullough's death.  A jury recently found her mother, Sandy McCullough-Klemp and her husband Kristopher Klemp, who was her lover at the time Gary McCullough went mising, civilly liable for McCullough's death.  The jury assessed a $7.2 million dollar judgement against the couple who have recently separated. 


Timothy James Potter was 40 years-old went missing from neighboring Phelps County in January of 2007.

Potter was last seen at a friend's house at a trailer park in Rolla.  No one knew he was missing until his boss contacted family members.  

At the time of his disappearance, Potter used a dark blue 1985 Cadillac De Ville, which was inoperable.  The vehicle, which was not registered to Potter, was hauled away by a man who told a neighbor that Potter wanted him to fix it.  Like Potter, the vehicle, its title and keys are also missing.    

Toni Kyger, 17, and James E. Guynes, 19, were reported missing in Pulaski County on September 22, 2013, according the the Missouri Highway Patrol's missing website

More information about the discovery is expected to be released tomorrow (10-27-13) morning at a press conference in Pulaski County.

UPDATE 10-28-13:

Sheriff Long says a photographer out snapping pictures of trees discovered the remains on Friday (10-25-13) of  what  appears to be those of a young pre teen adolescent who may have have been deceased for a year or more.

The remains were found on private property near "Dogpatch Intersection" off of Missouri Route 28.  Sheriff Long says there aren't any reports of missing adolecsents in Pulaski County at this time, and his office will reach out to other agencies in an attempt to identify the remains.

Long says his office wrapped up their investigation on Sunday and sent the remains to forensic anthropologists at St. Louis University will assist in the investigation.   "Once we identify the individual it will accelerat the case," Long said.  "I ask that the media and citizens be patient, this will take some time."  

Anyone with any information on who this could be is asked to call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office at (573) 774-6196 or email dispatch@pcsheriff2.com

UPDATE 03-03-14:

Sheriff Ron Long says anthropologists were unable to determine who the bones belonged to---but  they can offer an approximate age of the child.  Anthropologists believe the child's remains were out in the elements between 3 - 5 years before they were discovered.

Last week, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department detectives received the report from the Center for Human Identification – Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology in Ft. Worth, Texas regarding the remains.
This report enables detectives to narrow their focus of search and will be helpful in dealing with the multiple tips about missing persons.  
According to the examining anthropologist, the skeletal remains were probably that of an 8- to 13-year-old human, and most likely of Mestizo Southwest American Indian/Hispanic and Caucasian heritage.  Unfortunately, the analysis was unable to determine the sex of the deceased. 
DNA was extracted from the remains, which will greatly assist with identifying the deceased once law enforcement officials have specific missing individuals to match the DNA with. These results parallel the findings of a local anthropologist who examined the skeletal remains in November.
Additional information was outlined in the report which will assist detectives in their investigation once the deceased is positively identified.  Further information cannot be released at this time due to the necessity to protect vital details in the event this involves a criminal case.


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Remains in Pulaski County

There is also 2 males missing...


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