4:28 PM
There was no ruling today on whether or not a teenager who was arrested near Harrison, AR, last week for allegedly raping his seven year-old stepsister will be tried as an adult.

Harrison Police notified the Boone County sheriff’s office that officers were at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center emergency room with the little girl late Wednesday night. The sixteen year-old was arrested on Thursday and taken to a juvenile detention facility in Danville, AR.

Boone County Sheriff Danny Hickman says that Boone County Juvenile Court Judge Gary Isbell closed Tuesday's (09-01-09) hearing to the public at the request of the boys defense attorney.

Following the hearing, Isbell said he could not rule on whether to charge the boy as an adult or a juvenile because that decision is up to the county prosecutor.

Boone County chief assistant prosecutor Wes Bradford says, "it is a juvenile matter at this point, therefore I can't discuss it."

Isbell did order that the boy, who was released to relatives, undergo mental testing.


CB said...

This is a horrible thing to happen. The little girl is my niece. I'm happy to see this online. The Harrison Daily Times has yet to report on the "alleged" rape. He is not in the detention center in Danville, and was turned over to his grandmother, who lives a few minutes from an elementary school. It's sick. And I hope the judicial system gets him good. And if they don't, I put all my faith in the Good Lord to make sure something is done.

Kathee Baird said...

CB, could you contact me at meyer_news@hotmail.com or at 417-224-1897