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Louise Bishop (above)

It was two and a half months ago today that an elderly woman and her daughter went missing from Bentonville, AR.

Christina Bishop-Johansen (above)

Surveillance footage shows 81-year-old Louise Bishop and her 40-year-old daughter, Christina Bishop -- who also uses the last name of Johansen -- exiting the Sam's Club in Bentonville at 5:35p.m. on June 18th. That is the last time they were seen.

The last time anyone heard from the Bishop's was later that same evening. Louise's nephew, George Skupien who is a retired Chicago cop, says he talked with Christina about 8:30 p.m. on June 18th when she was getting gas, but became concerned after didn't hear from Christina Bishop for two days.

Skupien says he went to their home two days later and found the two story house unlocked, the burglar alarm unarmed...and the women's grocery purchases from Sam's still sitting on the counter. Skupien says that his aunt always turned the alarm system on at 9 p.m.

Detective Tom Boyle says that the Bishop's daily medications were also still in the house along with the family's quivering Pomeranian.

Around August 20th Skupien, says he got a call from a towing company in Avoka, Arkansas claiming to have his relatives vehicle.

Skupien says that the owner of Club Hots in Jane, Mo, had the 1997 Tacoma towed after the truck sat in the parking lot of his business for several weeks.

Skupien says written in some thing white and what appears to be lipstick on the windshield of the truck was a message that read, "free car, just tow away." He told the owner of the towing company NOT to get into the car and to immediately call cops because his aunt and cousin were missing.

Now other relatives of the Bishop's are stepping forward and asking for the public's help in finding the loved ones.

Maren Christensen lives in Idaho and is the niece of Louise Bishop and cousin of Christina Bishop . KFSM News is reporting that Christensen is concerned that the police nor Skupien have contacted her or other members of the Bishop's family.

Christensen says until her family members went missing she had never heard of Skupien, mainly because they are on different sides of the family. Christensen say she just wants people to know that the Bishop's have other family besides GeorgeSkupien that are looking for them.

Detective Tom Boyle of the Bentonville Police Department says that they need the public's help in finding the women. "Every bad break that could happen in a case seems to have happened in this one," he said.

The family is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who might have information on this case. You can reach Bentonville Police at 479-271-3173.

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