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Former mayor Jim Coones (above)

The mayor of a small town in Stone County has resigned. During a board of alderman meeting last night in Galena several members voted to have a letter drafted asking Mayor Jim Coones to resign. Early this evening he stepped down.

Aldermen say Coones has been engaged in some questionable acts, which include writing checks to his girlfriend, and writing checks to himself for jobs that should have been bid out.

That leaves just two women working at city hall in Galena because City Administrator Barbara Booth resigned her position August 24th.

The search for Coones replacement will begin on Friday (09-04-09) at a special board of alderman meeting.

The Stone County Sheriff's Department is also investigating some pretty serious allegations made against the mayor, according to Stone County Sheriff Richard Hill.

In a matter unrelated to the mayor's resignation, a copy of an incident report in Sheriff Hills office shows that Jim Coones is being investigated for alleged third-degree sexual misconduct a little over a month ago.

On the night of July 31st a deputy was called to a home on Highway 248 in Galena. The woman living at this house said she had left the front door ajar while she was cleaning on April 25, 2009.

The woman claims Coones appeared at the door and peered, and sat down in a recliner. The woman says that she knows Coones as the mayor of Galena and as a co-worker at the Galena Corner Market.

The woman told an investigator that Coones appeared intoxicated, and asked when they were going to have sex.

The woman says she told Coones that nothing was going to happen between them.....but when he left he was mumbling that something WAS going to happen, which made the woman very upset according to the sheriff's report.

The woman told cops that she told Coones that her husband, a truck driver who was out of town would be back that night.

As of this evening (09-02-09), no charges have been filed against Coones for anything connected to the alleged mismanagement of city funds or the alleged incident with the woman.

******Greg Brock contributed to this story.


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