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A tentative trial date has been set for an Arkansas man accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend last spring.

Ernest Doyle Chastain Jr., (a.) is scheduled to appear in court this Friday (09-04-09) for a pre-trial conference in Boone County.

Boone County Chief Assistant prosecutor Wes Bradford says that a tentative trial date of October 21, 2009, is set---but that date could change with some motions he anticipates being filed this Friday.

Prosecutors allege that Chastain shot his girlfriend Susie Powers once in the chest during a fight at Powers' Omaha, AR, home on May 19, 2009, after she threw a glass of whiskey in his face during a fight.

Investigators say that Chastain told his mother that Powers was suffering and cussing him so he shot her two more times in the head and then covered her body with an Indian blanket.

After the shooting, investigators say that Chastain drove to his mother Barbara Burke's home in Hollister where he dropped off some of Susie Powers' pets. At that time Chastain is alleged to have told his mother, "Momma, I really killed her."

Chastain went on the run from the law for two days following Powers' murder. Cops caught up with Chastain and a woman he picked up in Taney County at a motel in Galena after authorities received a tip that he was hiding out at the Shoals Motel.


Anonymous said...

I'm his daughter sarah starr chastain and I can prove it if u don't believe that is my father and underneath I can tell u I love my father very much much he did this when I was 13 years old he's a good person underneath it all but it breaks myy heart to be able to google his name and see all the horrible my father has done

Krystal Lockridge said...

I know susie's kids and imagine how they feel... atleast you still have your dad... they dont have their mom and never will again... sad situation

Anonymous said...

This comment is about Earnest Chastain Jr.

This story break my heart beyond words not only for the victim but as well for him. I knew this man in Junior high school, actually hung out at his home. His father treated him and his brother like dogs, abused them. The other boys at school were jealous of him because he was handsome and would want to fight. Ernie would not fight back and allow them to strike him instead. What really happened that day, no one will ever know. I just feel that is wouldn't of mattered male or female, what ever triggered that inter demon from all the abuse he suffered what have ended up dead. Inter demon + drugs and or alcohol = devastation

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to mr. Chastaine??