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Authorities Were Searching For Ricin In Raid In Springfield Yesterday:

By Kathee Baird
RicinSpringfield, Mo.- Springfield police say they were searching for ricin yesterday after a tipster called them to report that Tony Altman was manufacturing an agent that could be used in chemical or biological warfare at 2210 N. Boonville.
Springfield police public information officer Lisa Cox said in a news release, “Investigators had received credible information that ricin was being manufactured at that location. The information led to a search warrant. With the potential of toxic materials being present, appropriate protective gear was utilized by those personnel conducting the search.”

Investigators outside of Altman's home (courtesy Springfield News-Leader)
Investigators outside of Altman’s home (courtesy Springfield News-Leader)

Multiple agencies including the FBI and National Guard, outfitted in hazmat suits, assisted in the search.
Altman, who was arrested on an unrelated traffic warrant, told KY3 that he purchased Castor Beans from a Burmese catalog to get rid of moles.  He was released from jail Thursday evening.

Tony Altman (mug shot GCSO)
Tony Altman (mug shot GCSO)

“FBI investigators did collect evidence from the scene for further testing, ” Cox said.
Cops also seized a firearm and a felony amount of marijuana in the raid, according to Cox.
Authorities say “There is no heightened threat to public safety.”
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