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He may only be 21, but Matt Carr is a sharp shooter in more ways than one.

The Galena High School graduate and current Missouri State University student is a sixth generation Stone Countian.  "We know what Stone County's about," he said.

In addition to his business studies, Carr is a managerial position for Sharp Shooter Imaging in Branson at the Dixie Stampede.  He says his company has a bottom line it has to meet and that if elected Stone County Clerk he will take his "real world" experience with him.

"I've always been interested in this job.  It has a lot of different variety to what it does.  There's many different aspects of the job...you could be dealing with five different things on any given day."

The self described political junkie says he's always been "intrigued by how government operates."  He says getting more young people involved in issues and voting would be one of the things he would like to see increase if elected.

When asked if he believes his age is a detriment, he said, "The security of our country and our freedoms is put in the hands of 18 year-old men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis defending our freedom. At 21, with my business experience, education and work experience I don't feel there is any reason that I couldn't serve the people in this capacity."  

"State statute dictates what the responsibilities of the clerk's office are," he said. 


juanita foster said...

you are so right mr carr. it is our young people who put themselves in harms way every day. so, why is it you haven't done your duty to protect our county before you try to run it. don't you think thats the best experience you could ever have. plz just rember to thank those that make it possable for you to be safe and run for an elected position that pays you more in a month than our real heros make in 6.

Tim said...

Is it true that Rebecca Alben is now running for prosecutor? Heard that through town and just wanted to know if there was any truth to it.