10:43 AM

Galena now has a mayor and a Ward 1 alderman.

Mayor Dustin Bray was appointed by the board last month and Claude Johnson was appoint to represent Ward 1 at a regular board meeting last week.

Some people who attended the meeting were frustrated with what is happening in the city.

"I don't come to these meeting because most of the time it's just drama," resident Cindy Bunker told the board.  "We come down here and feel like we're not listened too."

Park board committee member Sharon Stephens presented the board with monetary figures.  She said they have about $2,700 in their fund to cover expenses for the year.  About $2,100 would be needed to purchase fireworks for the annual 4th of July celebration.

City leaders agreed to use $2,100 from the general fund to cover the purchase of fireworks for upcoming the celebration.

Bunker went on to tell board members that they need to become more involved in the community by being present at events.  "If you want the people of this town to take you seriously about changing things around you need to lead by example," she said.

"Galena will be celebrating Independence Day on Saturday, July 5th with over $2000 of fireworks shot from the historic Y Bridge," said Galena Chamber of Commerce president Robert Stone.

The free event will begin at 5 p.m. Dinner will be available for purchase as a fund raiser for the high school band. 

The organizing committee is seeking sponsors that will be publicly recognized.  Vendors can also take part in the event for a nominal fee of $10, according to Stone. 

For sponsor inquiries or a vendor application contact Stone at 417-669-8768.