5:31 PM

DNA from a cigarette butt left at an alleged crime scene in 2009 has led to the arrest of a woman from California.

In December of 2009, Christian and Tina Corley reported a burglary and theft at their vacation residence on Deer Crossing in Lampe.  The Corley's reported that a number of personal items were missing and damage to the residence and appliances exceeded $2,500.

The Corley's were unsure if the damage was done after a tenant vacated the premises.

Deputies gathered evidence, including the cigarette butt, that was submitted to the Missout State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory.   In 2009, a DNA profile for "Jane Doe" was developed from the cigarette butt and entered into the Combined DNA Index System.  In December of 2012 a Highway Patrol Criminalist notified authorities that they received a hit on the profile from a woman in California.

Kristina E. Elliott, 40, of San Jose, California, was taken into custody on an outstanding  warrant from Stone County following a traffic accident in California and extradited back to Missouri to be arraigned.

She was released from custody after posting $25,000 bond.  She is due back in court on June 10th.