5:00 PM

A woman who rents booth space from a business at 204 Main Street in Crane says someone broke into the business late last month and stole close to a million dollars in jewelry.

According to an incident report, Elizabeth Cloud told Crane police chief John Elmore "she knew who had burglarized her store.  Cloud stated over the last 2 weeks 2 white males had repeatedly come into her store asking questions about her merchandise, but never buying anything."

Cloud stated that a man named "Zack" and another man had come into the business and "repeatedly asked her if all of her jewelry was legitimate, and seemed especially interested in the gold items." 

Cloud told Elmore that thieves had previously burglarized two other businesses she had and stolen "hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry in the past."

The jewelry was not insured, according to the police report.  When the Crane Chronicle visited the business last week for a comment, all the jewelry had been removed and the woman who made the claim was in the hospital, according to the owner of the business.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, a MILLION dollars in jewelry in a dumpy flea market booth? I'm not buying it. Unless she meant a million "doll hairs", then maybe I'd buy that.

Anonymous said...

some people buy and save things and wouldn't sell a thing doing without all their life horded
things if this was the case no wonder shes in the hospital she had no insurance

Anonymous said...

I would think her ability to appraise gold would be suspect since she cannot even spell "buy" correctly, just look at her counter sign.